Boys’ Soccer

Varsity and Middle School

Rob Hangen

Boys’ Soccer Coach

Mr. Rob Hangen is our Bobcat Soccer Coach. He’s coached our team continuously since 2003. Since he began coaching our team, the Bay City Bobcats have won 7 WACS State Championships and placed second, 5 times, making 19 consecutive appearances. Under his leadership, the Bobcats have also received numerous individual and team honors, but he believes one the biggest achievements of our team has been its testimony in our community. Mr. Hangen has had several referees tell him how much they appreciate that our athletes are competitive without being malicious, and they enjoy refereeing our games. He believes that having a good reputation is much more important than wins. One referee, who worked professionally in Germany has said Bay City is his favorite place to officiate. Another, who served for years at the high school level in Green Bay made sure his last game ever was at Bay City.

Being the Bobcats Soccer coach is by far the most rewarding volunteer effort he’s embarked on. It provides a way of relating with youth that many parents or pastors simply don’t have – largely due to the intensity of the season, physical training and travel time. Mr. Hangen really likes to stress servant leadership with his athletes. He enjoys developing the younger players, and teaching them that all we can control is our efforts. The outcome is outside of our control, and we can learn equally well from losing and winning. He often turns to Philippians 2 in dealing with attitudes of service and like-mindedness; and he holds up Ephesians 6 to help his athletes understand authority and the armor of God. He believes athletes can learn a lot of life lessons playing sports as well, like dedication to a goal. Mr. Hangen strives to teach his athletes how to keep working when many quit and to do the work when no one is watching.

Mr. Hangen has been married for 35 years and has two generations of kids — two in their thirties, one in college, and one in high school. The family has expanded to include a several grandchildren, one of whom definitely wants to play soccer! He works at Warehouse Specialists, LLC Inc. as the Controller/Operations Director. He enjoys camping, hiking, hunting, and, of course, the Packers. He also loves watching a good bike race and doing some “recreational” cycling.



Boys’ Middle School Soccer Coach

Mr. Teddy Kincaid is our middle school soccer coach.


The athletic administration at Bay City Christian School believes that athletic participation can promote growth not only in one’s physical capabilities but also in one’s academic efforts, social interactions, and even spiritual wellness. For these reasons, the athletics program at Bay City Christian School exists for the purpose of giving its students additional opportunities to achieve the Christian school’s overall purpose and mission.