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If you’re looking to provide your child with a solid and balanced Christian education in the Green Bay area, we’re confident that you’ve come to the right place.  To help make things easier we have structured this page with prospective students and their parents in mind.

We asked ourselves, “What would we want to know if we were searching for a Christian school in the Green Bay area?”  Naturally, we would want to know about the school itself, a little about where it came from, and about where it’s headed.  We would definitely want to be on the same page with the teachers and staff that would be teaching our children. That’s extremely important to us all,  so we created the About Us page to help provide some of those details.


If this whole Christian school search were a new experience, we would want to know why providing a Christ-centered education is so important, especially in a world drifting farther and farther away from God’s wisdom.

Why Christian Education?

We would also like you to know more about the team that will be teaching and guiding our children throughout the school day.  Are they kind? Are they wise? Do they have experience? And most importantly, do they love the Lord?

We are putting a lot of work into creating videos of each teacher so that you will be able to learn more about each of them before you ever visit the school.  But there are so many staff and volunteers that help throughout the school year that we’ve added many of them (and will be adding more as we grow the site) so you can learn more about the large team of God’s stewards who will be investing time in the lives of our student body.  We’ve added a link to Facebook and to our blog (that will grow over the school year too).


Katlyn Cashner


Tiffany Anderson


Jamie Gleason

First Grade

Merilee Strutz

Second Grade

Amy Hager

Third Grade

Kathy Schmidt

Fourth Grade

Debbie Brown

Fifth Grade

 Leah Marema

Sixth Grade

Teddy Kincaid

Middle School

Kelly Hawkins

Science Teacher

Lisa Weldy

Middle School & High School

Shellee Phillips


Tara Hinze

Middle & High School

Dr. Michael Phillips

School Administrator


Pastor Brown

Senior Pastor & Bible Teacher

Linda DeGroot

School Secretary

Abby Wegner

School Secretary

Paula Stauff

Financial Secretary and Lunch Coordinator

Charissa Owens

Church Secretary

Finally, we’d be wondering ‘”What do we do next?” So we’ve set up a program for a personalized tour tailored to help answer your specific questions. We are looking forward to meeting you and your family, and to helping you answer any of your questions.

We would be pleased to be your hosts for a tour of our facilities. We could introduce you to some of our great faculty and staff, serve you lunch in the cafeteria, and allow you to experience the culture and activities of our school. We are excited to make new friends in our community and wish to support you as you determine the Lord’s direction in the education of your children.


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