Bay City Christian School Academics

One of the core aspects of our mission statement is to partner with parents to assist students grow toward academic excellence. We like the idea of ‘growth’ because it pictures perfectly the maturity that students experience as they move from kindergarten to elementary through high school and then onto post-secondary studies.

Our teachers will work closely with families to establish an academic foundation for further education. Our achievement test scores consistently surpass the 80th percentile, and our ACT scores are above the Wisconsin and the national average.  As members of the American Association of Christian Schools and the Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools, we provide an accredited Christian education that allows our students to compete on a state and national level.  We also charter with the American Christian Honor Society so our students are formally recognized for their academic excellence.

Biblical Integration

Bay City Christian School begins with a comprehensive Bible education program. The teaching of the Word of God is essential for students to learn and then to demonstrate a Biblical worldview while they seek to daily glorify God. In addition to Bible classes and chapel, every course is taught with Scriptural principle integrated throughout. Students are taught through English class to use clear thought and the grammatical structure of the language to present a thorough argument for Christ. In history classes, students learn that God is providentially in control of human events to accomplish His purpose and His will. Science is taught, using principles of the scientific method, to reveal that God is the Creator of all things and that we as creatures are subject to Him.

Phonics & Critical Thinking

With an intensive-phonics system students learn to read with understanding as early as kindergarten. Phonics is the proven method of learning letter names, sounds, blends, and then words. Students focus on learning to read which establishes a solid academic foundation. In an educational climate with so much information a simple click away, it is easy to buy into the philosophy that facts are no longer important.

We believe that there are foundational facts in every subject that must be learned and, by necessity, which will require hard work. The transition through the middle school years begins an emphasis on using those facts to reason through a problem, to discern the issue Biblically, and then to choose an appropriate solution to that problem. Our desire is that our seniors graduate with the ability to think and analyze everything they will encounter in life from the philosophy of a college professor to an exposé on network television.

Academic Standards

We take seriously our obligation to parents to provide an education that thoroughly prepares their children for their life’s work. From second grade math to high school physics, every course is taught to meet or exceed the stated goals and objectives of the State of Wisconsin.

Our curriculum is designed for quality, caring teachers to use Christian-based textbooks and exciting learning experiences to advance the understanding of material in every student. By rejecting educational methods and material that may enhance a social agenda, Bay City Christian School is able to focus on fundamental areas of knowledge and truth in every subject area. Understanding that change in society is inevitable, we are committed to using any advancement in technology that will aid student learning. The combination of fundamental academic skills with modern techniques provides an incredible educational environment.

With a strong and balanced combination of academics, fine arts, and sporting opportunities, Bay City Christian School offers students the opportunity to excel in whatever God call them to do. Almost all of our alumni continue their education beyond their high school diploma, and go on to graduate from various colleges, universities, and technical schools. We have alumni in all of the branches of military service as well as many different vocations, including pastors, teachers, nurses, journalists, lobbyists, architects, and engineers.
Many of our students also participate in our competitive sports programs. The Bay City Bobcats men and ladies compete regionally and statewide, and they have won state championships in basketball, soccer, and volleyball. We have an excellent team of coaches that understand the value of learning how to stand strong against the odds and working hard to reach a goal. They also promote good sportsmanship, teamwork, and physical fitness. Our students enjoy building friendships and growing together as a team, while also learning to discipline their bodies to achieve their athletic potential.

Our families appreciate our outstanding elementary and secondary fine arts program. Study after study continues to show that exposure to and performance in the arts promotes focus and academic excellence. It’s also an opportunity for our students to serve God and others.

In the Bay City Christian School program, students use their music and drama talents to compete in state and national competitions and to serve in churches, veterans programs, and nursing homes.