Bay City Christian School

“Bay City Christian School exists to partner with Christian families in the continual growth of students toward academic excellence & spiritual maturity.”

After more than 40 years of serving Christian families in the Fox Valley, Bay City Christian School has established a rich heritage of academic excellence and godly character training grounded in the truths of God’s Word. From our earliest days, we’ve nurtured and helped train the hearts of children from many different local, Bible-believing churches. In today’s shifting, morally relative, “anything goes” culture, our mission has never been more important — to help support Christian parents who seek to provide their children with a solid education, as well as to obey God’s command and bring up their children “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord!” (Ephesians 6:4)

The vision for a Christian school to serve the Green Bay area started back in the 1970s, when a group of Christian families recognized that the public school system was continuing to drift farther and farther from Christian truths and principles. These families wanted a solid education for their children in a place where their faith would be encouraged and nurtured. Starting a Christian school wasn’t financially practical or even logical, but this group of families strongly felt God calling them to move forward. So when Bay City Christian opened its doors in 1979, it was an act of faith, sacrifice, and obedience. In that first year, our Christian school started with just seventeen students in K5 through 6th grades, and soon after that, expanded to include middle and senior high students.

God has blessed that dedication and sacrifice, and through the years, we’ve seen our school, our students, and our graduates continue to excel in their faith and their academics. Our achievement test scores consistently surpass the 80th percentile, and our ACT scores are consistently above the Wisconsin and the national average. As members of the American Association of Christian Schools and the Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools, we provide a Christian education that allows our students to compete on a state and national level. We also charter with the American Christian Honor Society so our students are formally recognized for Christian scholarship, leadership, character, and service.

From elementary, to middle, to high school, the smaller class sizes we have at Bay City Christian provide a comfortable and safe environment for students to learn and mature. Learning in a smaller group can build students’ confidence as they become more comfortable asking questions and sharing their thoughts with others. Our highly skilled educators can also work more closely with each student, recognizing their individual strengths and weaknesses and challenging them in those areas.

All of our teachers have their own unique style in the classroom, but they all share several common goals. First, each one of them has a relationship with Jesus Christ, and a desire to see their students know Him as well. Second, our teachers want to challenge and encourage students to excel — academically, physically, socially, and spiritually. They seek to give students a purposeful education, that allows them to see God in every subject they study, every relationship they have, and every other aspect of life. Lastly, our teachers seek to build godly character into the lives of students so that they can reach their God-given potential and be successful in whatever God calls them to do.


With a strong and balanced combination of academics, fine arts, and sporting opportunities, Bay City Christian School offers students the opportunity to excel in whatever God call them to do. Almost all of our alumni continue their education beyond their high school diploma, and go on to graduate from various colleges, universities, and technical schools. We have alumni in all of the branches of military service as well as many different vocations, including pastors, teachers, nurses, journalists, lobbyists, architects, and engineers.
Many of our students also participate in our competitive sports programs. The Bay City Bobcats men and ladies compete regionally and statewide, and they have won state championships in basketball, soccer, and volleyball. We have an excellent team of coaches that understand the value of learning how to stand strong against the odds and working hard to reach a goal. They also promote good sportsmanship, teamwork, and physical fitness. Our students enjoy building friendships and growing together as a team, while also learning to discipline their bodies to achieve their athletic potential.

Our families appreciate our outstanding elementary and secondary fine arts program. Study after study continues to show that exposure to and performance in the arts promotes focus and academic excellence. It’s also an opportunity for our students to serve God and others.

In the Bay City Christian School program, students use their music and drama talents to compete in state and national competitions and to serve in churches, veterans programs, and nursing homes.

With all the changes in public education through the decades such as the removal of prayer, the intensified bullying and violence, the controversial Common Core curriculum, and most recently the redefinition of marriage, we believe it’s vital to be able to offer Christian families in the Green Bay area an exceptional alternative for the education of their children — a place where their faith and their academic growth will be nurtured.

At Bay City Christian School, we want to help parents continue the godly education they’ve already begun for their children. It’s our goal to come alongside you, and support you in following God’s command in Deuteronomy 6, to teach your children diligently about Biblical principles… and to “talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise up.” We want to work together with you, to provide your child an outstanding education from a Biblical worldview that prepares them for further education and for a vibrant future that keeps Christ at the center of everything that they do and accomplish.