Mrs. Tiffany Anderson

WACS Elementary Teacher of the Year

Many teachers have some qualities that may make them qualified for the nomination, however, only a few
teachers go above and beyond. Mrs. Anderson has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with a minor
in English from Maranatha Baptist Bible College. She has been teaching at Bay City Christian School for over ten years. She has taught middle and high school English as well as third and fourth grade. Currently
she is the kindergarten teacher.

The Teacher of the Year needs to embody the verse in Colossians 3:23 where it says, “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.” Those who know her well have seen the many ways
that Mrs. Anderson has served the Lord when no one is looking. She truly does not seek the praise of men.

Mrs. Anderson works with all her heart. She is very organized. She loves to have order in her classroom. She also loves helping the whole school run smoothly. At Bay City she is jokingly call her the “Bathroom Czar”
as she schedules bathroom breaks for the whole school. She also schedules recesses and special classes. She has some help with that, but she is the one that stays up at night working out the details.

Mrs. Anderson teaches with all her heart. She is prepared and invests her time and talents into making her classroom a room where learning and the love of learning are highlighted. Her students love her and love
being at school.

Mrs. Anderson loves the Lord. She has the added blessing of being a pastor’s wife which is truly an asset for Bay City Christian School. She is a great counselor and friend to many of the faculty and staff. She is someone you can count on to give you counsel from the Word of God. She also has a great testimony to her students as she shares biblical truths with them throughout the day.

Mrs. Tiffany Anderson is a great role model for new teachers to emulate. Seasoned teachers also can learn a lot from her servant’s heart.