It was an exciting season for the Bay City Bobcats Soccer team this year. The team took second place in the WACS State Tournament in Menomonee Falls the last weekend of October. The championship game was an exciting match up with Utica Christian School from Stoughton. The game went into double overtime and a shootout. Our team fought really hard for a win and kept everyone on the edge of their seats, but they lost the game 6 to 5.

We’re proud that our team showed some outstanding sportsmanship and character throughout the game. The game also showcased the exceptional skills of two of our players. Steven Burroughs and Ben Gillette were named to the State All Tournament Team.

Congratulations to Ben and Steven, the Bay City Bobcats Soccer team, and our amazing coaches, Rob Hangen and David Cox! A lot of hard work went into growing and strengthening our team, physically, mentally, and spiritually, and we thank you for an exciting season!