History comes to life at Bay City Christian School as Mrs. Roth’s class gets into character for their annual research project. This year, the students each chose a famous person to learn more about. From Abraham Lincoln and Davy Crocket, to Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and Betsy Ross, to Albert Einstein and Alexander Graham Bell, students did research online and at the library to create a thorough and accurate presentation about their characters.

Mrs. Roth explains that their project didn’t stop there. “When it all comes together, they’re required to wear a costume so that puts them in character, which I think really makes it fun for them, and makes it fun for everyone else. They can also bring artifacts or treats and be creative as far as coming up with something that would represent their character.”

Parents and all Bay City students were invited to visit each of the students’ booths, listen to their presentations, and see or taste the “artifacts” from each of the characters’ lives. Just of the few of the “artifacts” included hard candies, cookies, pie, chop sticks, and play money. Mrs. Roth says it takes students about four weeks of preparation to be ready for this event. “Students write an introductory paragraph and work their way into the main part of the body of the speech. They learn how to write an outline, and they do get very excited about doing a presentation.

Students had five minutes to give their presentations. Then Mrs. Roth blew the whistle, and they would begin again for their next group. Each student was able to give their presentation about ten times – which Mrs. Roth believes stretches their abilities even further. “It’s really important for them to learn how to have presence and feel comfortable up in front of a group.

She’s very proud of the hard work they put into this project over the last few weeks. “It takes some patience and dedication to keep going. It’s a long process, and it also teaches them not to procrastinate, which is something that’s brand new too, now to have a due date and prepare ahead of time.”

5th grader Ty Pagel said his attitude about this project changed over time. “I thought this was going to be scary or hard, but once I got started I really had a lot of fun.”

“I thought this was going to be scary or hard, but once I got started I really had a lot of fun.”   – Ty Pagel

And Mrs. Roth says the parents were very impressed with how much effort the kids put into their projects and “how much care they put into their costumes and getting everything ready.”

We want to thank Mrs. Roth and her class for all their hard work!