Bay City Christian School senior Kaitlyn Ergish has been named to the FOX 11 “Best of the Class of 2016.”  Valedictorians, salutatorians, and seniors with the highest grade point averages all across Northeast Wisconsin will be featured in this annual awards program.  Kaitlyn, along with these students, will meet at Lambeau Field next month for a day long event.  Besides being able to hang out at Lambeau Field, they’ll also get to meet a Packer player, talk with some local TV personalities, and get on camera themselves, as they’ll be featured in their own video spot.
Kaitlyn says she’s excited about the being a part of the event, but achieving her high grades took a lot of hard work. “This year, i just made it a goal to get good grades.  I worked hard and I’ve gotten A’s on most of my tests.  My parents have told me they don’t expect perfection. Sometimes I give myself a hard time when I don’t get a good grade, and they say it’s not a big deal — just work hard for the next one.”


She also has some advice for those coming up behind her, who want to excel in their studies. “I realized how I learned. I learn stuff by writing it down and visually seeing it. Try to figure out how you study best and even if it’s not like anybody else, or if the teacher doesn’t know how to teach you something, try to find out how you study and teach yourself.”

With only a few weeks of her senior year left to complete, Kaitlyn already has plans in place for next year.  She wants to go to NWTC and take classes in photography and web design.  “I want to be a photographer and I hope to get a job somewhere that will help with that.”  She eventually hopes to use her skills to start her own business.

Congratulations Kaitlyn!  We’re proud of all the hard work you put into your education, so you can be all that God has for you — now and into the future.

You can look for Kaitlyn and the “Best of the Class of 2016” video spots starting in June on FOX 11.