Last week was spirit week! Students came dressed up uniquely for each day’s category. A winner was chosen in each grade for their creative and fun costume.

Monday was Dr. Phil Day. Students dressed up as their best impersonation of Dr. Phillips! (Teacher Phil, coach Phil, administrator Phil, or father Phil there were lots of options to choose from.)

Tuesday was Food Day. Students tossed on their aprons and chef hats, dressed up as common utensils, or came as their favorite food! (We saw Pizza, sushi, avocados, tacos, donuts, pizza delivery boys, and even a knife!)

This year’s Elementary Food Day winners.

Wednesday was Pajama Day. Students grabbed their pillows, rolled out of bed and came to school!

Thursday was Geriatric Day. Many years had passed, and was time for glasses and canes. Students came dressed up as an old person! (Gr

  • Friday was Bobcat Spirit Day. Students showed off their proud Bobcat spirit, and came in red, white and black or Bobcat attire.