Here is a parent submitted SD video that shows the exciting performance of the Bay City Christian School Choir singing the military theme song for each branch of service.
The Bay City Christian School choir “kicked off” the fun for the Green Bay Blizzards’ game.   Students in grades 5th through 12th lifted up their voices together to get fans revved up for the game with a patriotic tune for the pre-game show.  They sang the theme songs for each of the branches of the military.  “I told the students that it means a lot, to a lot of people when they hear their (military) song,” said Bay City choir director Mrs. Brown.
Bay City Christian School had submitted to sing the national anthem for the Blizzard game, but the indoor football franchise called and asked if we would be willing to perform the pre-game show instead.  During pre-game practice, a liaison for the Green Bay Blizzard said she was really impressed with our choir and Mrs. Brown said that the liaison added that our kids were  “the best behaved kids they’ve had in a couple of years.”  The liaison asked if our kids would like to stand in the fan tunnel, where they were able to high five all the players as they came running out for the game.  One of our fifth grade students exclaimed, “I never thought we’d be able to do that!  That was so awesome!”
Mrs. Brown beamed with delight, “I’m really proud of my kids, both while they were singing and also even the whole thing before. They were so obedient and they did everything that was asked of them and I’m so proud of them!”

Mrs. Brown recognizes this as a great opportunity to let the community see all that we offer at Bay City Christian School, and she wants to do more.  “There’s opportunity sometimes at the Lambeau Field atrium at Christmas time or maybe even at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens’ Garden of Lights. Sometimes they have people singing in there.  I want the chance to sing in more places so we can showcase our students and our school!”

A parent in the audience captured our students’ performance at the Blizzard game and was willing to share it with us.  Click on the video link (top of page) to see it.