As we approach the start of the 2018-2019 school year, it may seem like any other school year. In many ways, that is the nature of school – seniors graduate, students ascend to the next grade, new ideas are introduced, athletics begin, and away we go! August 22, 2018 will be different. It will be historic.

What makes 2018-19 historic? First, we have the opportunity to celebrate our 40th anniversary. The Lord has blessed us since our founding in 1979. The enrollment on the first day was 27 students. This grew to a high of 114 in 2007 and then last year it was surpassed  with 115 students. Buildings were built, such as the gymnasium in 1999 and the auditorium with additional classrooms in 2003. Our small school has performed full-length Shakespeare plays, won WACS State championships in all four of our sports, and performed over 3,400 community service hours since the 2008-09 school year. In 2016, BCCS earned full accreditation through the Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools. We have had graduates return to their alma mater to serve as the administrator and others to serve as teachers. Some of our graduates are married and have children, some are engineers or are in the military, some are still completing their training. It is exciting to see what God has done in and through the lives of those who began here at Bay City Christian School.

The second reason this year will be historic is the increase in the number of students. Our enrollment will jump to over 160 students. Wow! That is exciting! What changes will be necessary with extra little bodies around the building? Of course, there will be logistical modifications that will need to be worked out. Last year we changed the drop-off/pick-up procedure and that went smoothly. The kindergarten class will be divided and utilize the church nursery; the cafeteria will expand into the gym where some of our students will eat lunch. Several of our combined classes need to be split providing better teacher/student interaction. It is wonderful to see the building fill-up even though I have to come up with more hooks for coats :). We are pleased to have more families join the Bobcat community, and to have the opportunity to minister to more young people.

What will not change? We will not change our mission to partner with Christian families in the continual growth of students toward academic excellence and spiritual maturity. Although academic advancement will always be our theme, each year we choose one of our core values upon which to concentrate. This year the value is to foster social skills that enhance relationships. To do this our theme will be Lead by Example. I recognize that few people are born with natural gifts that characterize great leaders. However, everyone will be in a position of leadership of some kind. If not by title then certainly by example. Paul addresses Timothy with that same charge. Although Timothy was older than our students, Paul nonetheless encouraged him not to consider his age, but to be an example to others in his actions. Every Christian can do that regardless of their age! That will be our focus throughout the year.