Bay City Christian School graduate Abby Fleming has been awarded a scholarship from NASA in conjunction with the Ohio Space Grant Consortium. Abby is currently a sophomore at Cedarville University in Ohio with a major in middle school math and science education. The scholarship she was awarded is a unique opportunity for math and science educators, and only 11 students from colleges and universities across Ohio were chosen.

Abby applied for the scholarship after being recommended by one of her education professors who saw her interest in science. “I like to participate in his classes – discussion classes. It’s about the nature of science and the history of science. I’m really interested in this, and I’m excited to share this passion with my students some day.”  Abby also had to submit her transcripts, and write an essay about her personal career goals, which include encouraging her students to see how exciting science can be. She received the scholarship to help pay for her education after she attended a workshop in Cleveland. “A big part of the scholarship is having to do this project using NASA’s educational materials… I have to make a series of lesson plans to highlight their materials that they’ve made, and then I’ll present that in Cleveland.”

Abby graduated from Bay City Christian School in 2013. She says going to a small Christian school helped her recognize her educational skills because she had the opportunity to help younger students.

“I think being able to work with elementary students when I was in high school opened my eyes to what being a teacher would be like.”
But that’s not all, “My mom is a teacher. I got to watch her prepare for class and also see how much of an impact she had on students at Bay City. I think just watching the environment at school and how much I was affected by teachers, gave me an understanding of education as more then just teaching material.”

Her years at Bay City also encouraged her in her faith. “I think growing up with so many people teaching me from the creation perspective helped me cement in my mind as truth, what I really believed.”

Abby expects to graduate from Cedarville in 2017 and she hopes to begin teaching right away. “I want to try and encourage my students to keep at their school work. Yah, it’s school, but it can also be really exciting, if you get excited about the material.”

It’s great to see our own Miss Abby Fleming so excited about her own education and using the skills and talents God has given her. Congratulations Abby!