The music and arts department of Bay City Christian School is pleased to invite you, along with all northeast Wisconsin veterans and the community, to our annual Veterans Day program on November 11th at 8:45am. Our students in choir, chimes, and arts practice for this program for weeks, and they always look forward to honoring our area veterans on this special day.

The director of our Veteran’s Day Program, Mrs. Debbie Brown, is our music and arts teacher at Bay City Christian School. She’s passionate about this annual program. Her son is in the military, and she’s also the daughter of veteran and war hero Jack Muncie who served in the Korean War. Last year, she was able to share some of her father experiences in the war that really remind us how important it is to appreciate the sacrifices veterans made defending our freedom. She said, “We don’t always hear the real stories, the nitty-gritty. Number one, they don’t like to tell it. Number two, we don’t always want to hear it because it could be gory, but when you find out what they went through, we don’t want to think about it.”


“I don’t know why I got to live.”

Mrs. Brown says that several times while talking about what happened in the war, her dad would get emotional and say, “I don’t know why I got to live.”

Mrs. Brown explains he had several close brushes with death, “At one time during the war, his platoon was surrounded and started getting picked off. In the end, there was only him and one other fellow left from his entire platoon.”


Another time he was in a foxhole and his commanding officer told him to move to a different area. Just after he obeyed the command, a bomb exploded in the foxhole, killing everyone inside. It wasn’t until soon before his death that he finally understood “why” he didn’t die in the war. He saw his daughter leading music in church and he also got to have his war stories shared during the Veterans Day program here at Bay City Christian School. He told Mrs. Brown with tears in eyes, “I know why. It’s my children.”

Mrs. Brown was touched, “He realized that he could have been a hero there, but he was a hero to his children.”


“I know why. It’s my children.”

“He realized that he could have been a hero there, but he was a hero to his children.”

Mr. Jack Muncie died earlier this year from cancer. He and his family felt so blessed to have been able to share his stories, and help so many people understand the sacrifices made during war.

You can see pictures and hear more about Mr. Muncie’s life, stories, and honor flight, told by Mrs. Debbie Brown, during last year’s Veterans Day Program – just click on the video.

As a part of our program this year, we have a green beret from the Vietnam War sharing his testimony and some pictures. He’ll be talking about what it was like to be in the Vietnam War and to come back home after the war. Another part of the program that’s included every year, is a favorite for Mrs. Brown. “We sing each branch song to watch the different military people stand up — the army people and the navy people and the coast guard. It thrills me just to see them stand!”


Our goal with the program is two-fold: to help our children understand what our veterans sacrifice for them to wave the flag, and also to honor our veterans, so they know we appreciate all they’re doing, or have done, to defend and serve our country. She encourages all of our students to seek out a veteran after the program and tell them thank you. Every year she reminds students of a quote by Roy Rogers: “Not everybody can be a hero, some of us just need to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.”

Mrs. Brown loves it that almost every year, a veteran tells her that they were invited by another veteran, “They tell me, my friend came last year and told me this is something I really want to come to.” It’s another reason why she and the students enjoy doing the program every year.

Mrs. Brown and the music and arts students of Bay City Christian School invite you to come out and honor the veterans of northeast Wisconsin, together with us, on this special day. They are passionate about creating an excellent program that says “thank you” to our area veterans and helps everyone better understand and respect our men and women in uniform. Mrs. Brown adds, “I never want them to forget Veterans Day, on the 11th hour, and 11th day, of the 11th month.”

The Bay City Christian School Veterans Program begins at 8:45 on Wednesday, November 11th at 1840 Bond Street in Green Bay. We would be pleased if you would join us as we honor our veterans.

Mrs. Brown

“I never want them to forget Veterans Day, on the 11th hour, and 11th day, of the 11th month.”