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Shelly Roth

Fifth & Sixth Grades

Mrs. Shelly Roth has a bachelor’s degree in Home Economics and English from Bob Jones University. She’s been teaching students in Christian schools for more than fifteen years, but her heart for children and for serving her Lord in ministry began at a very young age. From the time she was a teenager, if the church ever needed a helper for children’s church or Sunday School, she would be the first to help. Later, she worked alongside her husband, Pastor John Roth, during his sixteen year ministry as the pastor of a church in Lodi, WI. Now Mrs. Roth is dedicated to using her teaching and ministry experience, along with her own passion for learning, to motivate her students to mature both academically and spiritually. By the time they leave her classroom, they’re well prepared to take on the challenges of middle school. She understands that every child is different so she tries to cater to each child’s learning style by using a variety of teaching methods.

She believes that teaching gives her the unique opportunity to be challenged every day to live out her faith before others. She was saved as a young child, and grew up in a strong Christian family, so she has a solid understanding of many of the spiritual issues that children from Christian homes might be challenged with. Mrs. Roth appreciates that the structure in Bay City Christian School allows for openness to teach the truth of the Scriptures as any questions or behavioral issues arise. One of the first things she does at the beginning of every school year is to tell her students that God didn’t make any mistakes when He put them all together to work as a team for the year. She’s committed to working with each one of her students and helping them grow in wisdom and knowledge.

Mrs. Roth and her husband have been married for more than thirty years. They have three children and two grandchildren. Growing up in Alaska gave her a great awe for the beauty of God’s creation in nature. She enjoys hiking and biking with her husband, playing with her grandchildren, and also cooking, gardening, and crafting.

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