Tiffany Anderson


Mrs. Tiffany Anderson is a graduate of Bay City Christian School. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education with a minor in English from Maranatha Baptist Bible College. She began teaching at Bay City Christian School soon after graduating from college and taught middle and high school English classes as well as 3rd and 4th grade. Most recently, she’s been homeschooling her four children, and she’s excited to be back teaching at Bay City.

Mrs. Anderson has always enjoyed working with children. She began teaching in church children’s ministries in high school, and she’s thankful to have a job doing what she loves. Since she grew up in a Christian school, she can relate well to the students. It’s important to her that her students can learn in a safe and comfortable place, where they enjoy coming to school and learning. She also hopes to help them appreciate the gift that she once received, in being able to attend a Christian school.

She really enjoys getting to know each of her students and seeing them grow throughout the school year. She uses the curriculum in her classroom primarily as a roadmap so she can help her students be well prepared for 1st grade. Each year’s class has the same destination, but the journey is always very unique. She’s very comfortable stopping for a time for better understanding, or sometimes, just for the enjoyment of a topic. At other times, she may move through a concept quickly is the class has already mastered it. One of her greatest joys as a teacher is seeing the smile of accomplishment on a child’s face when they understand a difficult, new concept. She also loves watching her students enjoy a new genre of reading or experiencing a new favorite subject, sometimes one they never knew existed.

Mrs. Anderson has been happily married to her husband Pastor Ray Anderson for nearly 15 years. They are starting a new church plant in Kewaunee, and are excited about how the Lord is working there. They have four amazing children, which of course, doesn’t provide much time for hobbies. What Mrs. Anderson enjoys most is date nights with her husband and family game night around the table with her children.


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