ALL students need to exit through the Fellowship Hall doors after school.
ALL students must check out with the teachers that are in the Fellowship Hall after school so we as a school staff know that the students have left the building. This is for the safety of your children including the older students. It also helps eliminate congestion for parents visiting the office.  🙂

Elementary students are walked down to the Fellowship Hall after school by their teachers, please do not take them from there without checking them out with the teacher in charge. Secondary students are required to report to the Fellowship Hall by 3:25 p.m. and will be in after school care if they are here after that time.

The boys that are in basketball must go to study hall in the art room at  3:30 p.m. They are dismissed to change for practice at 4:15 p.m.

Scrip contest starts next Friday, November 20. Smaller denominations available for the holidays. 
A scrip contest flyer is attached with all the details for our contest and also a holiday ordering schedule for scrip. Some of our stores offer a smaller denomination for the holidays…Festival is now available in $15 cards, Woodman’s in $25, McDonald’s in $10, Amazon in $10, Barnes and Noble in $5, Starbucks in $5, and Walmart in $10. For a complete list ask the school office.


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Congratulations to the Kindergarten and first grade classes who won the first quarter Boxtops and Campbell’s Labels contest!

They will have a pizza party on Thursday, November 19. The money raised helps support the teachers in their classrooms! Keep saving your Big G Boxtops, Campell’s UPCs, and Kwik Trips Milk Moola caps(5¢).

BCCS apparel makes great Christmas gifts!

Our order form is  attached for you to look over. Orders must be in by Monday, November 30 for us to have them byDecember 18. Show that Bobcat pride!!


AACS publishes The Washington Flyer weekly to keep families updated on national events that affect our school. 

Click here for the current Washington Flyer.  Check out this week’s articles on: AACS Offers Public Comments Regarding Federal Policy for Early Learners; Supreme Court Will Hear Cases on Religious Liberty vs. Obamacare; Common Core May Be the Reason for Lower NAEP Scores.

The boys that are in basketball must go to study hall in the art room at  3:30 p.m. They are dismissed to change for practice at 4:15 p.m.

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Contact the school office at:

Contact Dr. Michael Phillips at:

InfoDirect – ShopWithScripMyScripWallet

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